US-Russia tensions….

… Now More Dangerous than During the Cold War

by Washingtons Blog (October 12 2016)

Germany’s Foreign Minister – Frank-Walter Steinmeier – wrote earlier this month that tension between the US and Russia is worse than during the Cold War:

It’s a fallacy to think that this is like the Cold War. The current times are different and more dangerous. {1}

The head of Britain’s intelligence service, MI6 – Sir John Sawyers – agreed yesterday:

We are moving into an era that is as dangerous, if not more dangerous, as the cold war because we do not have that focus on a strategic relationship between Moscow and Washington {2}.

This is even more dramatic when you realize that the US and Soviets came within seconds of all-out nuclear war on numerous occasions during the Cold War. And only the courage of US and Soviet individuals to say no {3} when their superiors told them to fire nuclear weapons – in the face of mistaken readings – saved the planet from nuclear war {4}.

And many experts warn {5}that we’re drifting towards nuclear war today {6}. Indeed, former US Secretary of Defence William Perry said in February:

The likelihood of a nuclear catastrophe today is greater than it was during the Cold War {7}.

Postscript: The American government and mainstream media cast all of the blame on Russia. But many top US diplomats and intelligence officials disagree {8}. And see {9}.











German Foreign Minister and Former MI6 Boss: US-Russia Tensions Now More Dangerous than During the Cold War

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